Kylie Jenner Looks Like a Mermaid in This Pre-Birthday Bikini Shoot 


On the eve of her 20th birthday, Kylie Jenner ordered Thai food and watched a Games of Thrones marathon in sweats. Just kidding! This is the Life of Kylie we're talking about here, and the makeup mogul isn't exiting her teenage years without a bikini photo shoot. 

On Wednesday, the Kylie Cosmetics founder got a little R&R, kicking back by mama Kris Jenner's pool. It has been a busy few weeks for Jenner, after all. Not only did she drop a sparkly pink makeup collection and drop a docu-series. The reality star has also launched a swimsuit line, modeled for the world's hottest headphone brand, and unwittingly inspired a plastic surgery craze.

But today, Kylie's only job was to soak it all in—in a  nude bikini, of course. The reality star gave fans a peek at her poolside adventures on Instagram.

To begin, she posed like a mermaid sunning on a rock:

day at Mommy's 💛

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Then, she tilted her head back in a casual pose:


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No doubt about it: This birthday girl has some serious summer style.


[MUSIC] I have always been obsessed with nails. I think my fans and everyone knows how much I love nails and how much I used to experiment with nail art. Form of self-expression. I feel like it, nails are really important to me. And having my nails done. So when Simple Colors came to me, it was kinda like a perfect fit. My mom drilled it in my brain when I was younger to have my nails done all the time. [MUSIC] It was fun and I kinda wanted to put my signature colors in there and Like neutrals and those cool really like narrowing down the colors. But this collection is kind of like the [UNKNOWN] collection. It has like little sparkles in it. We kind of play with textures and mattes in our other line. [MUSIC] The King Kylie touch would be just like the royal essence With the sparkles. But yeah, I just like it cuz it looks super simple. But then it's not just an ordinary white. [MUSIC] Probably our color Kryptonite. It's teal. It's my signature color. So I feel like I have That one's my favorite. [MUSIC] For those of you who want the collection, be patient. They're coming. [MUSIC]
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