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Oct 17, 2017 @ 9:00 am

Happy 4th wedding anniversary, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard! Today marks four years since the hilarious couple got married in a room at the Beverly Hills courthouse. “It was still one of the best days of my life,” Bell told CBS Sunday Morning last summer, sharing the first photos of their simple ceremony.

Nowadays, these two have a lot more on their plate since the arrival of their daughters, 4-year-old Lincoln and 2-year-old Delta, but they’re still singing each other’s praises and seemingly having a blast.

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In honor of their special day, here are 7 times they gave us serious #RelationshipGoals.

1. When Shepard surprised Bell with a sloth and she totally freaked out.

For Bell’s 31st birthday, the funnyman surprised his wife with “a present that no one else will ever get in their lifetime,” which happened to be an encounter with a sloth. “My entire life had been waiting for this moment,” the actress told Ellen DeGeneres about her full-blown panic attack before meeting the little guy. Before Bell even saw the sloth, she said she sensed its presence and proceeded to start hysterically crying in this hilarious video.

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2. When they crashed the Game of Thrones premiere in the most epic outfits.

“Dax and I went to the premiere of #GOT last night. Everyone was in suits and dresses,” Bell wrote. “We were in tank tops that said ‘Star in the streets, Wildling in the sheets.’ We sported temporary tattoos that said Ours Is The Fury and Winter Is Coming.” If that’s not #Goals, we don’t know what is.

3. When they played “Never Have We Ever” with Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher.

The hilarious couple got real about what they have and haven’t done, admitting to sharing toothbrushes, hooking up on set, and grooming each other’s body parts in this epic segment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

4. When they proved they’re great at taking selfies.

These two don’t share too many photos of their private moments, but when we do, they’re always adorable. Bell joined Instagram back in February with a photo of the two kissing. “I don’t know how to use Instagram but I do like this picture,” she wrote.

I don't know how to use instagram but I do like this picture.

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5. When they went to Africa and filmed this now viral video.

In January, the couple released a video on YouTube called “Dax and Kristen do Africa (music video)” that was filmed years prior on their last vacation before having kids. “Our sole objective was to rage hard and honor Toto properly. Hope you enjoy,” they wrote. We definitely did.

6. When the actress got emotional talking about Shepard as a father.

“He’s a wonderful father,” she told CBS Sunday Morning, tearing up. “He knows the value of things. He was an addict for many, many years and he pulled himself out of it … and he knows how many times he’s messed up and how many times he’s been really close to losing everything.”

7. When they are each other's biggest fans.

Whether Bell is swooning over her “stud” of a husband or Shepard is praising her new show, The Good Place, these two are always supporting each other.

The #dadbeast is In full effect today! #threeseater...and a basket. What a stud. @daxshepard

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8. When they made this hilarious Game of Thrones video.

Bell and Shepard cosplaying as Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow is almost too funny to handle.

9. When he laughed (and she cried) at their wedding.

Bell shared a throwback to their wedding day where she cried and her soon-to-be husband thought it was the funniest thing.

#tbt to when I cried at our wedding and @daxshepard thought it was really funny.

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