Kim Kardashian's Personality Quiz Told Her She's More Chrissy Teigen Than Kim K.

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When Kim Kardashian West is bored, she takes online quizzes—about herself.

On Wednesday, the star took to Twitter to share her latest (and arguably greatest) quiz result, and it was not at all what we were expecting.

Kardashian took a Buzzfeed quiz titled "Are you More Kim Kardashian West or Chrissy Teigen?" and, spoiler alert, she did not get herself in the results.

In all fairness, the Teigen quiz results do sound awfully similar to Kardashian.

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"You are exactly like Chrissy—wild, the life of the party, and someone who always says what’s on their mind! You have a huge heart and are extremely loyal to those you care about," the quiz said. "Not to mention your excellent fashion sense and top-notch wit! Everyone loves you and if they don’t, who really cares?"

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The BFFs are notoriously close, so it isn't totally surprising that Kardashian didn't get herself for this one—after all, she and Teigen are practically twin sisters anyway.


[LAUGH] What do I say sorry? You want me to? [CROSSTALK] This is In Style and we're so happy to have you how are you Chrissy? Good how are you? Good tell us a little bit about what we're doing today you're here with Stella Artois We are here celebrating Stella Artois and the holidays and we are hosting two nights to remember. I am making the most fabulous seafood stew that pairs so well with the Stella Artois, and actually it has it's own little spin on it. It's kind of a Tomka, Thai flavoured, coconutty, lemon grass soup. And it's going head to head with chef Bart who kind of curates all the meals that pair well with Stella Artois too, over at Stella. He's doing a beef stew. So we're both doing a demo tonight, we are creating our own king's feast. And it's gonna be really fun, cuz it's pouring outside. It's the perfect weather for this kind of food. Awesome. So, just starting out, you are a great hostess. Thank you. We know that, and we know that you had a chic baby shower this weekend for Monica Rhodes, your stylist. [LAUGH] Yes, yes. So what's your favorite part about playing hostess in general? I think I just always, John and I have always loved inviting people into our home. We try to keep it very casual, very relaxed atmosphere. This one was, of course, a little more chic than any event than we normally throw. It wasn't a typical football Sunday at the Teagans, but John was out of town so he was kind of bummed to miss our first event at the house. But we like it, we really enjoy doing really like casual nights. Whether it's a great housewives reunion is on I'll throw a party for that. If someone wants to watch Game of Thrones. I don't even watch it but I get the theme behind it. So I'll throw a great party for them, will be like everything they really relaxed and casual. We want people to feel at home, we don't want people to feel like they have to like, I don't want people to feel like things are very precious, like we have Stella Artois and ice buckets. We have food just laid out, people are gonna create their own food. We are gonna do a free fried bar It's a very, like, we want people to have fun and enjoy themselves, and nothing is precious, like when people spill something on our couch, try not to, it's not just inviting you to spill something on it, but we're not the type to like, we're not gonna lose our minds over it so. Great, and think back a little bit, like, is there one epic party that you've ever thrown in your life, is there one that really stands out to you? Gosh, well we threw a party for our When we saw, it was one of our last nights in our house when we were living in Studio City in California. And we loved our home there so much. It was such a great party house. It was a single story, beautiful big back yard. Pretty small so it felt very intimate. The kitchen was very open. And we threw a party just cuz it was gonna be one of our last parties. And somehow we ended up being the unofficial afterparty For some awards show. And I just remember having my belt undone, because I had eaten so much food. And was sitting on the floor by the door rubbing my bulldog's belly, and I overlooked it. That goes down as one of the best for sure. People were coming in in gowns, and I think I'm just in a towel or something. We were just We were just having a normal party and then, I think I would love to host every unofficial after party for the rest of time. [LAUGH] Great. And speaking of parties, you have a birthday coming up later this month. So I wondered if you have any plans in the works yet. I'm not a big birthday person, John actually is a self admitted, he loves his birthday. He loves Throwing himself a party. Loved people throwing him a party. I loved throwing his parties because for him it's a thing where he's on tour so much of the year, so it's a nice time for him to be able to gather all of his friends in one area to see them. And I appreciate and love that, too, but I don't need the birthday aspect to be a part of it, really. It has nothing to do with age or anything weird like that, it's just I don't know. It's just been uncomfortable. I hate receiving gifts. I feel weird. I think for this year we're just gonna go away for a weekend.>>We have a reader question. Melissa asks, what's your ultimate favorite food for holidays wether it's It's a traditional dish or a cultural favorite? Gosh, my mom's scalloped potatoes are pretty wonderful. My moms Thai obviously, so it's actually one of her only recipes where she makes it flawlessly every time, and it has nothing Thai about it at all. She's just The love and care she puts into it it gets better and better with age, it's like a really creamy based, it's just great because I think a lot of things I do are smothered in cheese or gravy or something. This is like a really hardy wonderful creamy dish. It has bacon and ham and it just It sits so well. It's perfect for the holidays because you can make it a couple days before even. Then honestly if you reheat it on Thanksgiving or Christmas it's even better, it's one of those dishes. And it feeds 18 to 22 people. It feeds a ridiculous amount of people. And Samantha from Scotland asks how are you celebrating this year with Luna since it's your first holidays with her. It's hard she's not eating anything yet which is unfortunate. Because obviously I would love to get a mashed potato into her somehow. But it's of course we're going to do the little dress thing, I want to get that Christmas dress going on. I can't wait to find it. Cuz if you saw Halloween, you can tell we love dressing her up. But, hopefully, I'm excited for her to see a big tree at our house because she really is this nature girl. I didn't expect it because I'm not big on the outdoors. I'm very much a homebody. I like darkness. I like I like all my wood to be my cabinetry. I like things to look very cozy and warm. But she really loves the beach, and she loves leaves and trees. So, I cannot wait for her to see that tree go up, cuz she's gonna be like, this tree's inside our house now. I didn't know this was a possibility. Which is gonna be so exciting. And Bertha asked, what's John's favorite dish that you make? John's favorite. He actually loves my branzino, which is the most simple, it's so easy. It's just a whole branzino. We stuff it with, I actually make this paste out of 20 garlic cloves Mixed up. All of us, salt, pepper, chilli paste. Rub entire fish and this we stuck it with lemons, and rosemary, more that rub inside. Then my mom really makes that traditional thai seafood sauce. It's really. It's like green thai chillies which very great cream sauce. It was like. And we're going to drizzle to the top. And it is so good. We both just will put, we'll make one giant fish and just pick at it together. You don't have to plate it, you don't have to do anything. So we just plop ourselves in front of the TV and share this fish. And switching gears everybody wants to know what you were wearing today. Good question. I never know, even at the Oscars or anything. I truly am always like who am I wearing? You wanna see it, you watching this? I've no idea, I'm not kidding. i've no clue ever. I don't know the jewels, you know we all give it back after that is why. August Getty.. August Getty! Thank you August. [LAUGH] A little bit about like I'm gonna imagine that your house Having a good playlist is really important at a party. Is there one song that you think always gets a party started? What is that, that got to give it up, John really loves that song. I mean just, that is his jam, it's his number one favorite song, it's always on every playlist he has. I definitely always obviously defer to John when it comes to music, but My playlist is embarrassing. I would never share it with anybody. I would never put it on. It's very much I'm like a radio type of girl. I like playing all the hits of like I mean a side from like the 90s hiphop, RNB I ashamed to play on my list. [LAUGH] Is there a song of John that gets stuck in your head more than others? Gosh. I mean all of me, probably, it's doesn't feel like it's stuck in my head though. It's just I've heard it more than anything. Definitely that song though. I agree. And you've been teasing some of your recipes on Instagram for your sequel to creating crazy, we're so excited about. What can you tell us about the sequel so far and how it's going? I think it's going really really well Actually I really want it out by holidays so badly because first book, Holiday Cravings, was so holiday friendly because all the recipes in at are so- It's a lot of amazing sides, because I love sides. There's something about a casserole, or anything in a casserole dish really. That I've always loved. So we wanted that one out by holiday, but it didn't make it because I was pregnant and there was just so much happening. So this one I want out by the holidays. So I definitely want that to happen, but it's kind of naturally leaning towards being simpler, not in the way of everything is really easy to do in it, but Less ingredients, more dried ingredients, whatever can still make it easier but you still have that depth of flavor. And you can still be proud of yourself after making it. Because I don't want people to hear the word easy and think that it tastes easy. I don't like that. I want things to taste Difficult. And our last question is what is one item in your closet that you can't wait to pass down to baby [INAUDIBLE] Gosh. I'm not a big jewelry person. I don't own a lot of my own jewelry, or else I would say that. But I am a purse person, and I think she's really going to love Collecting all my, cuz those are so timeless. Bracelets are forever. [UNKNOWN] and shoes, hopefully she has the same size foot as me. We'll see, but the purse thing I know she is definitely gonna fall in love with. Because hopefully she'll be like mommy's girl, and appreciate them, and treat them well And with kindness. [LAUGH] Great. Well thanks so much for having us. Thank you. Thank you guys for watching.
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