Kim Kardashian West Was Actually Pregnant in That NSFW Selfie Censor Bar 'Gram

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Few can forget the nearly nude bathroom selfie that Kim Kardashian West posted to Instagram last year—after all, the NSFW shot, which proclaimed that the social media mogul had "nothing to wear," sparked a media frenzy and pretty much broke the Internet.

Now, the mom of two is dishing on some unknown details behind the viral naked snap, and the surprising reason behind its purpose.

Kim Kar

While making an appearance on The View on Tuesday to promote her new KKW Beauty makeup line, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star revealed, "I was actually pregnant in that photo. I just found out I was pregnant and so I had to dye my hair back."

The 36-year-old, who was expecting son, Saint, at the time, continued: "I thought, 'You know what this is my one last shot of a good photo before my body is done,' so I took a pic."

The reality star has been known for taking a kurve-flaunting selfie every now and again, and said that she still doesn't understand the backlash she received from the nude photo.

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"[I] truly was baffled when people still cared," Kim K remarked. "They have seen me naked 500 times."

Watch Kardashian West talk about the epic photo, as well as her workout routine and eating habits in the clip above. 


On Thursday night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kim Kardashian West gave viewers a brief update on stepfather Bruce Jenner. It's a really brave thing to come out and, you know, be so truthful. And to have all of that support, I think just meant the world to him. And our family. As you may know, Bruce recently sat down with Diane Sawyer for an interview, in which the Olympian told Sawyer, for all intents and purposes, I'm a woman. And we learned, of all the Kardashians, it appears Kim K has been the most supportive. People quotes a source close to the family who told the outlet, "They're the closest out of the Kardashians because she has been the most understanding. She's always there to listen and try to understand what he's going through." Kim went on to tell Kimmel she has offered to help Bruce with his fashion choices as he begins his transition. You have to look and feel your bet, I'm here to help you. But the reality star had one important warning for him. The only thing is, whatever you do, do not steal my glam team.
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