Alexis Bennett
Dec 23, 2015 @ 3:30 pm

If there's anyone who knows about beauty secrets it's Kim Kardashian. The reality TV star has built an empire on her stunning looks, so of course she knows plenty of tips and tricks for maintaining her appearance. She recently revealed on her website that she's obsessed with rubbing Bio Oil all over her body for its nourishing benefits, but when it comes to the fragile skin under her eyes, Kardashian's favorite fix is Epione Signature Series Eye Crème ($90;

To find out more about Kardashian's new go-to, we spoke with the man behind the brand, Dr. Simon Ourian, M.D, who told InStyle that in addition to reducing puffiness, "within the first 24 hours my clients noticed significant improvement in the lines, and even 62 percent of wrinkles were reduced."

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The Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon, who has worked with the Kardashian family for a few years now, went on to say, "Within the first week of use more than 72 percent [of users also saw] improvement in diminishing dark circles." As for what sets this cream apart in a sea of celeb-touted skin care obsessions, Dr. Ourian credits its pharmaceutical grade ingredients. "[It] is also filled with non-oil based moisturizers and bio absorbable vitamin K and C," he said.

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For the best results, Dr. Ourian suggested applying the eye cream at night and in the morning—and remembering that a little bit goes a long way. Be sure to give it 15 minutes to settle in before adding makeup or other products, then sit back and hope those pesky lines become a thing of the past.

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