Khloé Kardashian and Emma Grede on Why Their Good American Denim Line Is a Fit Godsend

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"I was denim-shamed because I needed a larger size," Khloé Kardashian candidly says at the preview of her denim line Good American that she founded with her business partner Emma Grede. "My weight has fluctuated for so long, and I've struggled to find denim in the market."

She's speaking of that soul-crushing struggle that is the search for the perfect pair of jeans—an experience that's not just unique to her, but for anyone who has ever shopped for denim and couldn't find one that buttoned or left a small gap in the back or was too baggy in some places and too tight in others. Kardashian and Grede's Good American line promises to change all that, with a line of three cuts—Good Legs (skinny jeans), Good Cuts (straight-leg), Good Waist (high-waist)—designed to flatter and celebrate curves, and most importantly, actually fit.

"With this project, we don’t believe in plus sizes," Kardashian continues, "and that’s something that means a lot to me, empowering women and women dressing for their sexy curves and not being ashamed of our bodies."

A sewn-in contour waistband acts as a belt to hug the small of your waist (aka no alterations needed), curved stitching accentuates the female form, and quality stretchy fabrics make excellent recovery time (that means, no bagginess, even if you don't wash your jeans after more than one wear). "It was about creating something that would work for this idea of the new sexy, the new body silhouette," Grede says. "And we've spent a long time creating two sets of jean patents that work for different size ranges (from 0 to 24)."

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And the test of a great jean? "The bum test," Grede says.

"Everyone wants their booty to look good," Kardashian adds. Amen to that.

Show off your bum in a Good American denim (priced between $149 to $215), which you can buy now at and Watch the video, above, for the full interview, including how they met and why they named their line Good American.


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Khloe Kardashian. And I'm Emme Grede and we are the founders of Good American. [MUSIC] So I actually know Khloe's mom, Kris. I've worked with her for the last three or four years. And when I originally had this idea to start Good American, I couldn't think of a better person to work with in the complexity of a denim company. I was like, I have to meet Khloe and so I asked Chris and she put us in a meeting together and that was that. We fell in love. Yeah [LAUGH] [MUSIC] Emma originally wanted to created a denim line really for herself. For me my weight is fluctuated for so long and I've always struggled to find denim in the market, because I was a little bigger and I was kinda like denim shamed, because I had a larger size that I need and no one ever created my size and Boutiques and so with this project, we don't believe in plus sizes and that's something that really means a lot to me, empowering women and woman dressing for their sexy curves and not being ashamed of our bodies. I didn't want to have to buy a pair of jeans and then have to make all durations. And actually it was about creating something that we thought would work for this idea, the new sexy, the new body silhouette, which is What the traditional fashion establishment, you know really [INAUDIBLE]. It's kinda straight up and down. We want to make something for those bodies that you see in popular culture, the woman that we admire, and ourselves. [MUSIC] The name Good American was actually a play on the very notion of what it means to be good. I think the Good American girl does not apologize for herself. She is very shy. But can you not still show your body off and be good? Can you not still be sexy and still be good? The other thing is that we wanted our company to behave like a good American. We make everything that we can in America and I think that those principles of being good doing good and supporting your community. we're not a charity brand but was absolutely will give money to charity for every sale that American and so it's really the very core and the very thoughts of our business to be a good American. [MUSIC] A lot goes into it, but we have a wonderful, little, clever idea. It's called the contoured waistband. So So I used to like Kim, myself, Emma, we would all buy denim and always had like our booties are bigger that our waist. So you still have to go and take in at the waist. So we have a contoured waistband that's built in. It has like a belt and it hugs that small of your waist. Most stitching on the denim is really straight up and down. On our denim, it's more curved so it really accentuates your curves and hugs The female form. And our fabric is really expensive, luxurious fabric. It is indeed. Yeah. And it kind of gives you, you've got that stretch but you've also got recovery. And that's what's really important. I don't wash my jeans every Every time I wear them. No. And I don't think most women do, so you actually want your jeans to keep the shape. But our patent is completely different, all the curve is in the hip. So you're not making the same jean patent for a 2 and a 4 as you are for a 16, and 18, or a 20. And that's really the important part, we spent a long time actually creating two sets of patents that work for the different size ranges The bum test. Turn around and let us see you. Everyone wants there booty to look good. Absolutely. It's no more complicated than that. The true test of any jean. It's like, do I look good from the behind. And I'd say, yes. Yes. You do. Yes, you do too. Thank you so much. You do too. They love it of course. But Emma and I, we're not gonna Give somebody something unless it's already been ran through the ringer. Right. Of our personal staff first. Our name is on it. I don't care whose name is on something. If you don't have a good product it's not gonna do well. Absolutely. So this is something we truly believe it and we're excited to hand it to everybody and to let them try it and give your honest opinions. [MUSIC]
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