Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys are more than just co-stars on FX drama The Americans, they’re each other's IRL loves who have a child together.

So, naturally, Russell’s appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers wasn’t without its allusions to Rhys. In fact, Meyers was particularly fascinated by the actor’s recent guest role on HBO’s Girls, and couldn’t resist asking Russell about the episode’s most disturbing scene. For reference: Matthew Rhys played a sleazy writer who unexpectedly exposed his penis to Hannah (Lena Dunham) in Episode 3 of the series’s sixth season.

Russell confirmed that Rhys’s moment of onscreen nudity was made possible by a prosthetic penis. "He said he was gonna do that and I was like, 'Who are you sleeping with?' Like, 'Who do you have sex with on the show?' and he was like, 'Well, it's not quite like that …’” Russell relayed of her discussion with Rhys.

"And then there was the whole thing where he got to choose his own [prosthetic penis]," the Americans star revealed, "but he's in such an awkward position, like 'If I choose a giant one, people are gonna be like, 'What a dick.'' So he's like, 'I just like let someone else do it.'"

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Fittingly awkward, the Late Night host capped the discussion with this comment about Rhys’s prosthetic: “I’ve never seen [his penis], but it fit his personality.”

Meyers OUT.