Kendall Jenner Suffers from the Nakedest Form of Jet Lag


Kendall Jenner marches to the beat of her own drum, particularly when it comes to Instagram.

She celebrates America’s birthday with black-and-white lingerie editorials:


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She poses in pizza-themed merch SANS PIZZA:


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She drinks champagne in crocheted ponchos (and actually looks chic):


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She posts photos of her butt with mysterious and seemingly unrelated captions:

arts n' crafts

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We find much of Jenner’s social media presence to be deeply confusing, but her latest post blows patriotic underwear and party ponchos out of the water.

After a wild trip to Mykonos with model pal Bella Hadid, Jenner took to Instagram to share her current state with her 82.2 million closest friends.

“Jet lag,” the reality star captioned a mirror selfie displaying just her torso clad in an underboob-baring white crop top, her toned abs on display, a pair of black lace panties peeking out from the bottom of the frame.

Umm … WHAT? Does jet lag often inspire people to take nearly nude mirror selfies—is that a thing? Is she implying that she’s too tired to get fully dressed before posting an Instagram update?

jet lag

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We have some questions.

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Regardless of intent, Kenny’s latest foray into the risqué is straight fire. With a body like that, we don’t blame her for coming up with reasons to show it off.


[MUSIC] Hi I'm Kim with InStyle, I'm here with Gunnar Peterson, and he's gonna teach us today how to get a body like Kendall Jenner. Now, what do we have going on here, I'm scared. So, a band, but attached to a loop RW so you can hook it Anchor it anywhere you need to. And I'm gonna throw a kettle ball swing in with it, so you're gonna fire up the entire posterior chain. And you're gonna fire your core up in a big way. So, glutes, abs, a little bit of everything. Pretty much exactly what you wanted. Okay great. Let's do it. Step in. Okay. Set at your belt line. Step in forward Wide stance, dip the hips, drive up and through, flex the glutes at the top of the motion. Push through your heels, don't raise with the arms, tight flex the glutes, big swing. Now I'm gonna add, there you go. Keep it honest, keep it honest, right there. Keeping it honest, keeping it honest. Good. Am I doing it? You tell me. I feel it, yeah. Drive, hips through, hips through. Eyebrow height, bang, right there. Tell me you're breathing. I don't think I am anymore. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Okay, how many of these do you recommend? 8,000. 8,000. Got it. Done. If you shoot anywhere between 8 and 20 reps depending, as you're warming up to the movement, you'll definitely feel the heart rate elevated, and that's what we're looking for. Heart rate is elevated, starting to sweat, glutes feel- Probably throw in the towel right now. Throw in the towel. I'm done. Don't want that to happen. God forbid. That was amazing. Thank so much.
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