Kelly Ripa Won #TBT With This Hilarious Snap


We're approaching the end of this week's #TBT window, and it's safe to say we have a winner. Kelly Ripa took to Instagram earlier today to post a vintage photo of herself and hubby Mark Consuelos. The image, taken around 1998, proves our theory that this duo is—and always has been—impossibly good looking. 

But, there was something vaguely cheesy about this capture. And that's probably because the duo was dressed as their All My Children characters Hayley and Mateo. (We're not saying cheese is bad, mind you—what else are '90s soap operas for?!)

#tbt Hayley and Mateo MIC DROP. Circa 1998ish

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In the photo, the two embrace and give slight smirks to the camera, while showcasing shiny heads of hair that deserve shampoo commercials of their own. Just look at that All My Children sizzle! "MIC DROP," Ripa accurately captioned the pic. 

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The cute couple just celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary, and seem happier than ever. Plus, they've kept their healthy manes—and, clearly, their shared sense of humor—intact. 


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