Karl Lagerfeld Is Bringing You the Most Fabulous Stuffed Animal


For the cat lover who has everything, Karl Lagerfeld is now offering a luxury stuffed version of his famed white-haired feline Choupette.

Months after first announcing that the Chanel head designer was teaming up with German plush toy maker Steiff to create a limited-edition version of the furry social media celebrity, the style icon has now released luxury replicas of his beloved pet for pre-order on his website for $545.


The Choupete plush toy, which is described as a "playful collector's item," comes to each new owner with a magnetic mouse, chic carry case, and a certificate of authenticity. The stuffed animal itself mirrors the real Birman cat Choupette's features with ice-blue eyes and white fur.


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Karl Lagerfeld / Instagram

For fans seeking a less expensive but still fabulous alternative to the pampered cat's likeness, Lagerfeld's store now offers 42 different merchandise items all inspired by the famed kitty, including a book called Private Life of a High-Flying Fashion Cat, a slip-on shoe, and even a sweater with Choupette's face on it.


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