Expectant Father Kanye West Cancels His Yeezy NYFW Show


It’s a sad day for devoted Yeezy fans: Kanye West will no longer show at New York Fashion Week this season.

According to Business of Fashion, the rapper and design mogul has chosen not to show his Yeezy Season 6 collection on its originally scheduled Sept. 13 date. Redken, who was on hand as a beauty collaborator for the show, reportedly sent an email Wednesday confirming the cancellation.

So why do we think this happened? While the rapper is notoriously tight-lipped about all his projects, this time he really didn’t provide any intel as to why the cancellation occurred. On Thursday, news broke that he and wife Kim Kardashian West are expecting their third child via surrogate.

Perhaps there are family concerns he’s wary of? Or maybe, he’s just too tired? In November, West canceled his remaining Saint Pablo Tour shows after citing a poor work-life balance. Another possibility, though unlikely: he’s decided to show in Paris, following the footsteps of brands like Proenza Schouler and Altuzarra that now show in the City of Light.

Regardless, the news may come as a relief to editors and fashion insiders who haven’t shied away from disclosing just how messy some of West’s previous NYFW shows have been.

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Something, however, tells us he’ll be back for more soon. After all, doesn’t Yeezy get what Yeezy wants?


[MUSIC] Hi It's Eric Wilson from InStyle magazine with my colleague Claire Stern and we are coming from the Yeezy show which just ended at Madison Square Garden. What did you see there? Complete pandemonium and every one wearing Yeezy sneakers. And it was also very. Tell me how y'all feel about the [UNKNOWN] this season. [APPLAUSE] [INAUDIBLE] What I thought was amazing to see finally was that Kanye brought fashion onto the same playing field that he does with music. He made this a much more personal collection. It was about his own experience. [MUSIC] The most interesting thing that I saw the entire show was the moment where Naomi Campbell and Veronica Webb and Leah Kabidy were all wearing full length fur coats, standing right next to models who were practically wearing rags. And one didn't even have pants on. And it really spoke to the inequalities in our society. Certainly that Income disparities, lots of issues about race and 99% of the malls in the show were African American. It was actually making far more powerful of a statement with what he would call quote unquote, a fashion show, than a lot of Clothes do which is really you know, that's a major triumph for him. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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