Justin Trudeau Just Made His Long-Awaited Modeling Debut (Well, Sort Of)

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Justin Trudeau, the hottest politician around, has one new superlative to add to his resume. In addition to being the Prime Minister of Canada, a real-life Prince Eric look-alike, an awesome dad, and a timeless hottie (sorry, it had to be repeated), J.T. is now a bona fide model.

Okay, that may be a **tad** bit of a stretch, but get this: PM Trudeau is now a cover star. The dreamy family man rolls up his shirtsleeves and gazes into the depth of our souls while sitting backwards on a stripped down wooden chair for the July issue of Delta’s in-flight magazine. Canada’s flag colors the background, giving Trudeau and his country a bit of the rock star effect. Note: as always, Justin’s sock game is very impressive—purple with blue stripes this time.




Those eyes, though.

Obviously, the patrons of Twitter had some thoughts:





May your charm and colorful sock collection never lead us astray, Justin.

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P.S.: How badly do you want to fly Delta now?


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