Justin Timberlake Will Release New Music In Three Days

Justin Timberlake Will Release New Music In Three Days
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After teasing the world this morning, Justin Timberlake has announced that in three days time, he will release his first music in six years. In the above video, Tweeted today around noon EST, Timberlake says, "Someone asked me the other day if I'm just done with music. It means more to me than anyone else in the world. I've only done two albums in ten years; that's the way I look at it. What does the next decade mean for me?" A countdown is currently live on countdown.justintimberlake.com, with a new letter of the music's title revealed at unknown intervals, so far a "J," an "S," and an "E." And the new tunes—JT left it unclear whether it's a song, album, or something in between—will hit the Internet at midnight, Monday January 14, which is basically immediately following the Golden Globes. The clip shows Timberlake enter the recording studio, put on his headphones, and say, "I'm ready." So are we, Justin! Watch the video above!

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