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14 Fourth of July Tableware Accessories That Are Chic, Disposable, and Compostable

14 Fourth of July Tableware Accessories That Are Chic, Disposable, <em>and</em> Compostable

At long last, Fourth of July weekend is upon us, and there's no better way to enjoy the warm weather than with a star-spangled picnic. Unsure how to set the table for your imminent outdoor cookout? We scoured the market for these fancy and compostable party goods that are durable enough to get you through the day and night—no dishwashing required. 

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  • The+Napkins+Blue+Napkin

    The Napkins Blue Napkin

  • The+Napkins+Red+Napkin

    The Napkins Red Napkin

  • Paper+Eskimo+Napkins

    Paper Eskimo Napkins

  • Toot+Sweet+Table+Cloth

    Toot Sweet Table Cloth

  • Caspari+x+Lulu+Red+Napkin

    Caspari x Lulu Red Napkin

  • Coral+x+Lulu+Blue+Napkin

    Coral x Lulu Blue Napkin

  • Sucre+Shop+Spoons

    Sucre Shop Spoons

  • Susty+Party+Wood+Cutlery+Set

    Susty Party Wood Cutlery Set

  • Susty+Party+Cups

    Susty Party Cups

  • Just+Artifacts+Straws

    Just Artifacts Straws

  • Watercolor+Plate

    Watercolor Plate

  • Crate+%26amp%3B+Barrel+Red+Paper+Plates

    Crate & Barrel Red Paper Plates

  • Crate+%26amp%3B+Barrel+Teal+Paper+Plates

    Crate & Barrel Teal Paper Plates

  • Crate+%26amp%3B+Barrel+White+Plates

    Crate & Barrel White Plates


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