How Judith Light Transformed Her Style After Shaving Her Head


This week on Dirty Laundry, we head to the theater. Judith Light stopped by Laura Brown’s new video series, where she asks celebrities to discuss their most important and valuable fashion pieces, and she brought a dose of Broadway into the mix.

In the late '90s, the two-time Tony winner fearlessly took on the role of a cancer patient—and shaved off her hair for the portrayal. She then found herself transforming her wardrobe to fit her new look. “I did this play called Wit about a woman who was dying of fourth stage ovarian cancer and I had to shave my head. I had no clothes that really worked—with the hair that I had had before—and so I bought this Issey Miyake,” Light explains in the video at top.

“If any brand can work with a shaved head, it’s Issey Miyake,” InStyle’s Editor-in-Chief declares. But with such a minimalist look comes some rethinking of your red carpet poses as well.

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Watch the clip at top to see the two give their best “serious” faces for the camera, and catch the full episode on the PEN Network.


[MUSIC] I did a play. She's very big in the theater. Which one from Broadway was this? This was 22 years after Who's the Boss? I came back to the theater. Say theater. Theater. I'm back. I'm back. And I did this play called Wit. About a woman who was dying of fourth stage ovarian cancer, and I have to shave my head and I hade no clothes that really worked with the hair that I had before. So i bought this [UNKNOWN] If any brand can work with a shaved head it's [UNKNOWN] I know right. It really is, 'cause then you just sorta go like im a very very serious... This person. That's right. And so. And also very stretchy. And [INAUDIBLE]. A very stretchy person. And thankfully so. Thanks, Issey. Hang on, what's on front of it? It's got little circles. Yeah, it's pretty great. And shapes. And it has this, which I thought was really great. Yes. Because what it does is it gives you this look and then you've got. And just a great pair of earrings. When you do a red carpet wearing. You have to be really just like [SOUND]. Yes, I know. You're not like- No, no. You're like. > You're like, yeah. [SOUND] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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