Bachelor Fan John Mayer Kind of Sounds Open to Having His Own Season


Bring out the roses! Turns out, John Mayer is just as much a sucker for The Bachelor as the rest of us.

The "Your Body Is a Wonderland" crooner appeared on Friday's segment of The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about his new album The Search for Everything: Wave Two, where he revealed that he's been following along on the ABC reality show's leading man Nick Viall search for love as a devoted member of Bachelor Nation.

"Get me the helicopters, girls crying, girls crying on helicopters," the singer unashamedly dished on his favorite reality show scenes. "If you get tears in flight, that is prime stuff."

While the 39-year-old can't quite sit through a full episode, which usually runs about two hours in length, and has subsequently started falling behind, he admitted to DeGeneres that he would happily pay $50 to be able to watch an entire season in only half an hour.

Turning towards his own love life, the "Gravity" hitmaker revealed that he is not in a relationship but has come to appreciate having aspects of his own life "together" while single.

As for whether he'd like his own season of the dating reality show, Mayer said, "I think it would be really fun to be The Bachelor." However, he quickly noted that he would not really consider being the show's leading man—that is, unless there were some major changes. 

"I don't think I would find love there—unless they would change the vetting process for who would be the contestants," he said. He also expressed hesitations about the TV audience: "I think it would be one of the lowest-rated shows," he said. 

Like Ellen, we totally disagree.

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Watch the full interview above to see Mayer talk about his new album and tour on the show.


On an unbelievable new Bachelor, and I go, show me more of this. Show me more of this. Get me the helicopters. Get me the girls crying, girls crying on helicopters. [LAUGH] If you get tears in flight on The Bachelor, that is prime stuff. [MUSIC] I think it would be really fun to be the ba. Would you really consider it, or are you just saying? No. No, you just. [LAUGH] I don't think that I would find love there. Unless they would change. This sort of vetting process for who would be the contestants. Mm-hm. [MUSIC] I think it would be one of the lowest rated shows. [LAUGH] Well, I don't know. [LAUGH] I think we would all watch you as the Bachelor. I really feel strongly about that. [APPLAUSE] Wow. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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