Jimmy Fallon Explains How He Accidentally Rejected Nicole Kidman...Twice!


As far as unrequited love stories go, Jimmy Fallon and Nicole Kidman's just may be our favorite.

Kidman has been nothing but candid about her failed attempts at wooing Fallon in 2002. During a 2015 appearance on his show, Kidman confessed to pursing The Tonight Show host not one, but two times back in the early aughts. Fallon, it turns out, was completely oblivious to the stunning starlet's intentions when a mutual friend set up a meeting between them at his apartment to talk about a movie project. Then again, at a party, Fallon never managed to ask for her number when given the chance. C'mon man!

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In an appearance on Howard Stern's radio show yesterday, Fallon, who has been happily married to producer Nancy Juvonen since 2007, finally told his side of the story.

"She walks in and I'm nervous. She's gorgeous. By far, the most beautiful person who's ever walked into my apartment," he recalled of their first meeting. "But I'm trying to be professional—to be someone you'd want to be in a movie with for three months."

"Plus, I wouldn't even consider that I would have a chance, in my life, with Nicole Kidman!" he added.

Fallon also recounted how he laid out a spread of saltines and brie for the meeting, where they ended up playing video games. In the end, he didn't get the part—it went to Will Ferrell—or the girl.

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Watch a clip from Fallon's hilarious interview with Stern in the video above.


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