Jessica Alba Gets Real About Breakup Haircuts, Dyeing Her Own Hair, and More in Our Never Have I Ever Beauty Game

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It's probably been a minute since your last round of "Never Have I Ever," everyone's favorite tell-all game normally reserved for boozy get-togethers, and gives no choice between truth or dare options. Jessica Alba visited InStyle HQ recently for a beauty-themed spin on the game, and the results as just as hilarious as you'd expect. Although some celebrities make doing your own hair and makeup for the red carpet seem like a breeze, Alba was totally honest (pun intended) about the outcome of her own handiwork.

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"Oh yeah, I have for sure done my own hair and makeup for big events," she says. "It's usually when I'm the fail. You know, when they're like fail or not fail? When I do my own hair and makeup, it's like, fail." Hit play on the video above to see what else the star had to say about cutting her brother's hair, catching her daughters in her makeup, and wanting to shave her head at the age of 13.


[MUSIC] What's up, InStyle? This is Jessica Alba and we are going to play a little game of Never Have I Ever. [MUSIC] Yes, I have dyed my own hair. I couldn't afford to go to the hair salon when I was younger, so of course, that's what we did at home. It was kind of the way that I bonded. I live with my mom, weirdly. All my girlfriends would come over and we would have hair dye parties when I was 14. [MUSIC] Yes, I have totally found my daughter's deep in my makeup kit with all the colors of all the eyeshadow. I'm just, do you know eyeshadow doesn't go on your nose? Or Cheeks, or forehead. They don't care. I don't think so. But I got, I got two tattoos. Yeah, I for sure have done my own hair and make-up for big events. It's usually when I'm the fail. You know, when they're like fail or not fail? When I do my own hair make up it's like fail. [MUSIC] I'm pretty sure, I cut my own bangs and I cut my brother's bangs actually. I shave my brother the front of his hair in about when we were three. [MUSIC] I for sure gave both my daughters first hair cut because what happened [MUSIC] What happens with baby hair is they get this, like, gnarly bald spot, kind of, in the back. Because they just lay there and rub their head when they are babies, and they can't, like, move. So they both had these gnarly Bald spots and then like little wispy hair kinda everywhere also. And then they had a longer tail in the back. So when they're both around too, I cut the tail off. [MUSIC] I for sure 100% was inspired by Sinead O'Connor. I'm totally I really wanted to shave my head but my mother told me that she would kick me out of the house. I didn't know how to survive like and I didn't drive so. I was thirteen. All right In Style, thanks for playing never have I ever. You now know so much useless information about me.
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