Jessica Alba's Daughter Honor Looks So Grown Up in Mom's New Photo


Jessica Alba, our favorite mom/actress/entrepreneur/ageless-goddess, etc., spent her Fourth of July weekend celebrating with her family.

Alba’s husband of 9 years, Cash Warren, and their two daughters, Honor, 9, and Haven, 5, posed with the actress for the sweetest pic—all four of them crowded together, the biggest smiles spreading across their faces.

Jess and the girls look perfectly patriotic in shades of white, red, and blue, festive headbands atop Alba and Haven’s heads. Like this is seriously a mantle-worthy family photo:


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But um, did you notice the little lady sandwiched between her parents? Yeah, that’s not Alba’s little sis’—that’s her oldest daughter!

Honor’s looking so grown up these days, it’s kind of freaking us out. In the next slide (also shown below) you can see how tall she is—we might just be looking at the next Gigi or Bella!

Jessica Alba Daughters July 4, 2017

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Between Britney’s handsome pre-teens (!) and Jessica’s gorgeous daughters, Hollywood’s next gen is growing up right before our eyes.


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