Everyone's favorite quadruple threat, all-around perfect human, and New York City native Jennifer Lopez stopped by The Daily Show with Trevor Noah on Monday to talk the new season of her show Shades of Blue, her Bronx roots, and her ever elusive relationship status with fellow musician Drake.

"You genuinely seemed shocked how successful [Shades of Blue] was," said Daily Show host Trevor Noah. "Why?" Ever the humble artist, J. Lo explained that when she begins a new project, she tries to keep her expectations low. "I’m really doing it because I love it and the success of it is always icing on the cake because you never know," she explained. "You never know how people are going to respond to it. You hope and you put your eggs into a certain basket and you go for it but you just never know. So whatever it is, I’m always like, pleasantly surprised, like ‘Oh yes, this is happening!’”

The show films in her native city of N.Y.C., which lead to the Noah's question, "Do you still go on the subway? Do you even know how much a subway tickets cost?"

“I started riding the subway when it was 50 cents," she revealed. "I remember when it went to .75, maybe the last time it was $1.75, but now it’s more I’m sure." An audience member then called out today's fare, $2.75, leaving Lopez with her jaw on the floor. "That’s crazy! $2.75," she said in disbelief. "You are a dollar removed from your fans J. Lo," joked Noah. "You rode the 6 right," he asked her. "What is the last stop on the 6?”

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"Brooklyn Bridge in Manhattan and Pelham Bay on my side in the Bronx," she answered with confidence. "I know this, I made my first album on the 6! You can’t mess with me," she said laughing.

"I want to know genuinely," continued Noah with his final question of the interview. "Did you get with Drake because you didn’t know me yet?" Finally getting to the hard-hitting questions! "Let me clear this up," said Lopez. "I am not with Drake." Our favorite celebrity couple of 2017 may have already called it quits, but maybe this leaves room for Rihanna and Drake to get back together. Only time will tell!