Cop J.Lo’s Blinged-Out Earrings for Less Than $25 Before They Sell Out


Date night with A-Rod? Girls’ night out? Glam pajama party? The occasion is unclear, but one thing is certain: Jennifer Lopez looks better than ever in her latest Instagram snap.

In the photo, Lopez gazes into the distance, wearing the fiercest expression known to man. The triple-threat diva’s honey-hued hair is piled into an enviably thick ponytail, her face adorned with smoky eye makeup and a glossy lip. Radiant as ever, J.Lo (J.Glow?) bares a swath of cleavage in a sequined silver dress ($112; Lopez complements the glittering piece with a pair of double drop cubic zirconia earrings from her Kohl’s line ($25;

As much as we’d all like to believe the Shades of Blue star just rolled out of bed looking red carpet ready, Lopez herself admits there’s a bit more to it. In the gorgeous photo, J.Lo credited the behind-the-scenes talents of makeup artist Scott Barnes, hairstylist Chris Appleton, stylist Rob Zangardi, and manicurist Tom Bachik.


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You glow, girl!


[MUSIC] I found them. Hi, I'm Jennifer Lopez and this [LAUGH] is my closet. [MUSIC] What did I find? I found the shoes that I actually wore in the movie The Boy Next Door. It was a really low-budget movie. So, we had to go into my closet and find like. [MUSIC] Stuff that was lived in, and stuff that I've had for years. The character, herself, was a teacher. You know? It's not like she's gonna be in all designer clothes all the time. They're Prada, they're old. Maybe, like, 15 years old, 17 years old. Back when I was doing [UNKNOWN], I don't know what. We needed to find some jeans. And we actually pulled jeans from my closet. One pair was from, actually, from my Kohl's collection. These are actually. The pair that I wore in the movie. They're like a boyfriend cut jean. Just a casual pair of jeans that she wears on the weekends. This other side of my closet. This is actually where I do glam and everything too. It's not just a closet. It's a huge room that we converted. When I get ready for events and stuff like that. This coat I've had for years. I always loved it. It reminded me of like. I don't know, the 80's like the breakfast club or something like that. I bought it years ago, I don't know, maybe like twenty years ago. It's way too big for me, I just thought it looked like a old coat that she might have her closet that she had for years. This was another. Thing from my closet that I wore for her, which was kind of more of her everyday coat. I might have bought this jacket, I don't know, eight, ten years ago. It's an Elizabeth and Jane. Yes, I am a fan of the Olsen twins. My mom was a teacher, my sister was a teacher, so I kind of thought about them a lot too when I was, oh sorry Versace. A Versace dress. Claire would probably not wear this Versace dress. This might be a little bit much for Claire, you know? Yeah, no, no. [LAUGH] That's more, more of a JLo dress.
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