This Is What Happens If You Try to Pet Jennifer Lawrence’s Dog

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There’s no denying that Jennifer Lawrence is over the moon for her pet pooch, Pippi Lawrence Stocking. 

Back in December, the self-proclaimed “crazy dog lady” admitted to talk show host Seth Meyers that she has an acrylic painting of the adorable pup above her fireplace at home, and refuses to leave her side, even at the vet’s office. That’s why it doesn’t shock us that the actress had some choice words for a paparazzo who tried to pet Pippi without J.Law giving the go ahead. 

On Tuesday, TMZ took to Twitter to show what went down when one of the brand’s videographers reached down to give Lawrence’s dog some love. In the clip, the paparazzo asked J.Law how she felt about flying private after her plane had to make an emergency landing once an engine failed, as she exited LAX.

“Have you been scared of flying private for good now?” he inquired. The Oscar winner ignored his question, kept her head down, and continued to walk to her car. But Pippi was a little more friendly and approached the man. A gesture that prompted the pap to lean down and offer his hand to sniff. 
This put J.Law in full on dog mom mode, as she scooped up her pup and said, “Don’t touch my dog you f*cking loser.” 

Harsh? Yes. But in our opinion, it’s totally justified. Proper etiquette suggests that you don’t touch someone’s dog without their permission, and this guy learned the hard way. 

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Lesson of the day: Don’t touch J.Law’s pooch unless you want to be labeled a “loser” by one of the world’s most famous actresses.


Dont touch my dog. [MUSIC] [MUSIC]. Do people know right away that you're crazy about you're dog. Are there signs? If you walk into my home I have a acrylic painting above my fire place. You would never leave your dog even alone. No. I took her to the vet one time, and they kept wanting to take her into the back. Like, They do and they were like, people aren't allowed back there and I was like [SOUND]! My God! [LAUGH] [MUSIC] [MUSIC] [MUSIC] Dont touch my dog [SOUND] loser [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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