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Jennifer Garner Explains Why She Held a Goat Party When Ben Affleck Was Out of Town

Jennifer Garner Explains Why She Held a Goat Party When Ben Affleck Was Out of Town
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If you heard that Jennifer Garner had a backyard party at her home, which was attended by well over a hundred guests, you'd imagine a fabulous, A-list gathering, right? Okay, now imagine those A-list partygoers are actually a herd of goats. Well, that's exactly who this month's InStyle cover girl had over while her husband Ben Affleck was out of town on the Batman set, as she explained during her visit to Conan on Tuesday.

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As it turns out, the couple had a lot of ivy in the backyard of their Los Angeles home, and ivy, unfortunately, leads to rats. Rather than deal with a costly removal, the Men, Women & Children actress came up with a wild alternative: hire a herd of ivy-hungry goats to take care of it and thus, drive out the pesky rodents. Garner made a party out of it—proclaiming it the Running of the Goats—and sent photographic evidence of the event along to Affleck, assuring him, "Honey, I'm taking care of the ivy!" (Garner also shared said photo with Conan O'Brien, as well as a video of the goat party.)

Watch Garner—who looked downright lovely in an LBD during her Conan appearance—give her entire hilarious account, including when she learned the hard way that goats can sound an awful lot like her crying children:

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