Jennifer Aniston Nails Suburbanite Chic on Her New Movie's Set


While the Jennifer Aniston we know and love is an age-defying red carpet knockout, the roles she plays don’t always reflect this. The Friends alum’s latest project, for instance, shows a totally new sartorial side to the screen icon.

Aniston, 48, is currently on the set of Dumplin’ in Jonesboro, Georgia—and her look could not be more of a departure from the actress’s own personal style.

Jen, who plays the mother of titular beauty pageant hopeful Dumplin’ (Patti Cake$’s Danielle Macdonald) in the film, was spotted on set on Wednesday sporting a shoulder-grazing platinum 'do (with bangs!) and an ensemble that’s best described as “Southern Soccer Mom Chic.” Aniston crossed the lot in a sleeveless yellow button-up that she tucked into a floral pencil skirt and cinched with a wide tan waist belt. Jen accessorized the off-brand look with a set of black flip-flops, a gold watch, and a pair of pearl earrings.


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It’s certainly not what we’re used to, but the actress’s look only serves to prove what we already knew: Jennifer Aniston looks good in everything.


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