Jennifer Aniston: Best-Dressed Traveler

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Jennifer Aniston: Best-Dressed Traveler

Jennifer Aniston: Best-Dressed Traveler
Bauer-griffin; INFphoto

We're not just abuzz about Jennifer Aniston's new fragrance, we're also obsessing over how chic she looks whenever she steps on (or off) of a plane. For her recent trip across the pond, Aniston played things comfortable and smart: She chose to wear multiple soft layers, including a nubby-knit vest that could double as a blanket on an uber-air conditioned flight. Jeans, either in white or traditional denim, are a go-anywhere staple that she never leaves home without. And she also knows how pick the right footwear: By opting for pull-on suede boots, she can easily remove them (and replace them with cashmere socks in flight). Plus, her consistent palette of neutrals allows her to mix and match pieces with ease. It's official: She's the best-dressed traveler we've ever seen.

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