Girls Star Jemima Kirke Hand-Painted These Designer Handbags You’ll Love

<em>Girls </em>Star Jemima Kirke Hand-Painted These Designer Handbags You’ll Love


You may best know Jemima Kirke as the fantastically mercurial Jessa on Girls, but in real life, the 32-year-old star and mom of two best identifies with her work as a painter.

That’s why it makes sense that she’s teamed up with Hobo to drop a collection of 20 handbags each personally painted by Kirke herself. The pieces, which range from $185 and $435, include graphics from her imagination like butterflies with rainbows, smiling hearts, a “soulful nun,” a “smoking nun,” and a Doberman. The illustrations are painted onto top-handle black, brown, and cream leather pieces—some with fringe detailing—as well as small coin purses and canvas totes.


For the brand’s second artisan series (the first featured the work of Brooklyn tattoo artist Virgina Elwood), Kirke was given the theme of “love in all forms.”

“I’m not a designer by any stretch and I wanted to take into consideration that this is a bag, not a canvas—someone’s gonna be wearing it,” she told InStyle, saying she enjoyed painting on the textured leather. “And that was a challenge for me to sort of compromise what my hand wanted to do instinctually and what someone might want to buy.”


Her definition of love isn’t expected, either.

“It’s not a subject that I would ever approach with the shape of a heart, either. I think the heart has been so commoditized and it means so little now when you look at it,” she said, moving on to explain what love is to her.

“I think it can be funny, I think it can be dark, I think it can be fatal, I think it can be ridiculous, I think it can be a one-night stand, I think that it can be incredibly painful. The heart is such a sort of cute, happy thing … I was like, ‘OK, I’m going to put a little bit of what I think about love onto these sort of obtuse shapes.”

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In addition, 30 percent of the proceeds from the capsule will benefit Project Creative, an organization that helps homeless or impoverished families and children access an education in the arts.

Scroll down to see more from the collection and visit to shop it now.

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