Isabelle Fuhrman's Fashion Week-Inspired Manicure

Isabelle Fuhrman's Fashion Week-Inspired Manicure
Dominique Charriau/WireImage; C.Smith/

Isabelle Fuhrman’s manicure proves she's ready for Fashion Week! The Hunger Games actress popped by Prabal Gurung's Target launch last night wearing a piece from the designer's LOVE capsule and this spring 2013-inspired nail art. "Because I'm going to shows this week, I wanted to get really fashion-y nails," explained Fuhrman. "My thumbs are spring 2013 Louis Vuitton. And then the white stripe was inspired by Moschino. And then [the thicker stripes] are Marc Jacobs." And she wasn't done there: "And then I wanted a bow, I thought it would be cute. And then sparkles, because you have to have sparkles on your fingers." What a clever spring fashion forecast!

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