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Golden Globes

InStyle Editor-in-Chief Laura Brown sat down with PEN (People/Entertainment Weekly Network) ahead of the 74th Golden Globe Awards ceremony on Sunday evening to discuss the grueling, yet exciting, process of awards show prep and, of course, to share some styling tips.

When it comes to getting ready, Brown admitted that she often underestimates the demands of the process. “I always do less prep than I should, and I realized you can’t go by the seat of your pants with a red carpet dress—because if you don’t have the right pants for your seat, you’re screwed,” she said.

The one thing she can’t live with out when it comes to an elegant event like the Globes? “My eyebrows. They can go away—they need to remain on my face,” Brown joked. “No, it’s the heels, the little ball of foot pads in high heel shoes. It’s insane how few women actually use them. And that saves your feet and your bacon, so that is my number one—also, some lobster tacos I just had.” Um, please bring some back to the office, Laura.

VIDEO: 2017 Golden Globes Red Carpet Fashion


Brown also shared her key to dressing with ease and confidence: “I think if you have a brand that you know you feel good in, that’s a good start,” she said. For Brown, Valentino claims that role. “I wouldn’t want to try something I didn’t automatically know I was going to feel great in—otherwise you’re just going to have a total meltdown.”

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For more tips and award show insight from Brown, watch the video above!

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[MUSIC] Speaking of red carpet style, we've got Instyle editor-in-chief, Laura Brown, skyping from her hotel right now. Hey Laura looking great, How's it going for you? Hello. Good. Good, I'm in my final stages of, I don't know Conservation. [LAUGH] What? You're looking beautiful. Love the earrings. Yeah. How long have you been- Yeah thanks. This isn't even my dress, this is just some top to put makeup on. I've got jeans on. [LAUGH] You could have fooled us. I thought it was kind of like a cool, off the shoulder dress. [LAUGH] No, no I'm so tricky. [LAUGH] All right, how long have you been getting ready? i put these on to feel myself a little bit. How's it going? It's going really good. We wanna know how long you've been getting ready for the night, how have you prepped, what goes into it for you. I didn't do enough prep coz I tell you what, I put one dress and I didn't have the right undergarments for. Which I realized at approximately 12:45. So, luckily I brought another dress. So, that's alright. So I always do less prep than I should and I realized you can't go by the seat of your pants with a red carpet dress. Cuz if you don't have the right pants for your seat, Okay. Anyway, no, so I'm wearing a nice Valentino thing that my friend Carly loaned me. And I have makeup now, I'm doing touch-ups now. And we leave at three o'clock. So. Very good. And we're gonna prance out the door. Press out the door, I love it. Well give us your secret. Yeah. What is something you can't get ready without? What do you need to get ready for night like this? My eyebrows. [LAUGH] They could disappear under all that, okay. No, they can go away. I need, they need to remain on my face. That, you know what I know is, your heels it's those little ball of foot pads in high heel shoes. I've been saying how few women actually use them and that saves your feet and you bacon. So that is my number one and also some Love [UNKNOWN] that I just ate. [LAUGH] I feel I would be so nervous to be in your position, right? Someone in a position like yours it's hard possibly to decide what to wear or is it? I mean the precious kind of [UNKNOWN] that we're gonna be looking into here. Yeah, I mean there's me but then there's also Nicole Kidman. So more people will be looking at here. I really love Valentino. A great friend of mine, Pia Palo, is a designer. They're very nice to me. I feel really good in their clothes. So I think if you have a brand that you know, that you feel good in, that's a good start. So they're kinda my go-to quite a bit. So. I wouldn't wanna try something that I didn't automatic know was gonna feel great in. In other words you're just gonna have a total melt down, like I did in the bathroom, 90 minutes ago. Well we wanna know what is your schedule like this evening? We know you're leaving at three but kinda what's the schedule of your Going to the InStyle party venue and I'm doing a little chat with 60 Minutes in Australia, actually. And then we go to the red carpet. We're actually going to the ceremony tonight. So the InStyle viewing party is happening simultaneously with the ceremony. So I'm in the ceremony and then after that everybody else will be drinking and judging. At the viewing party and so then we turn up there at about eight o'clock. It's a red carpet, Instagram booth, whole thing, so I will just be twirling about on the red carpet, I guess, for a while. Shoving myself into people's pictures. [LAUGH] > [LAUGH] Yeah, and I'm doing my editor in chief diligence, I think one would call it. So yeah, it's a big night. Three hours of ceremony and then we've got our after Party which is huge where so many people coming this year. Its really exciting and I'm quite new in style and I'm only just 4 months in. So this is my 1st in style party at the glove. So I've always love the gloves, I've always wonderful. Well not! this party, now I know. So super exciting and a lot of people had come to support magazine and And they know how fun it is. It's a legendary party. So, I'm just happy to be there in my danglies. [LAUGH] Laura, I'm sorry that I'm not there with you, but I want to know. Kagel! What, yes. How are you? I'm outraged. I know. It is an outrage. It's a long- I can't see you. I can't see you in this live stream. It's the other two and you're cut off. I just have to imagine you. [LAUGH] He's here. Anyway, it's me. I do everyday imagine you. Here is. Tell me two things that are always in your purse before you go to an event like this. Two things. Lipstick, my green card, in case I indeed am under threat of being deported. [LAUGH] Good know. Probably those. I can't fit my jewels, but I have a really nice clutch I can't fit. Do you want to see my dress, by the way? Yes. Hello, yeah. My makeup artist is going to go get it. He's not really, hold on. Girl, you'll look great in this. It's very artfully draped. I look like a Roman, like senator. My goodness. That's nice. See. Look. See what I'm doing? Who makes the dress? Counselor to caesar. [LAUGH] That's what That's my thing. Need some ivy in your hair. Just like a regular day at the office Jess. [UNKNOWN] was Valentino? Yeah. Nice. I love that. That's how she dresses every->> Is that it? Yes. [CROSSTALK] I'm a little casual tonight but I'll do what I can. Yeah, I think he'll do well. So many of the nominees of course had their signature style, it's off the charts. Who? Yes. Who are are you looking to to bring their A game? Who are you hoping to maybe surprise us? I'm dying to see what Nicole Kidman is wearing. I love her. She was a fashion icon at the In Style Awards last October. She's a friend from Koalatown. So I'm curious about that. Emma Stone I love, I think she just always looks so fresh and cool. Ruth Negga, I love her. I think she's so groovy. She's been really sorta turning it up, fashion-wise really interesting. Kind of those three I guess. And then if I see somebody else on the Red Carpet I like I might just follow them in a weird creepy fashion. [LAUGH] So I know you've mentioned, I'm not above it. [LAUGH]. You mentioned the after party before, but of course InStyle host the biggest after party of the night. Yes. So give us a little inside look, I mean. What stars are going to show up? What the scene like?? The kinda food you're gonna eat? Nicole's showing up. God a ton. Kristen Wiig, Laura Dern. I saw Eddie Redmayne last night and he was like, I'm coming to the InStyle party. And I said thanks,Eddie Redmayne.>> [LAUGH] So that was good. No, there's a really, Ben Affleck, there's a ton. There's a ton, like kind of pretty much everybody that's going to the awards is stopping by the party. So that's super cool. My friend Gwendoline, who is on Game of Thrones. She's Brienne of Tarth. She's bringing all of the Throne people, which I have dressed like tonight, so that's helpful. They're all coming, so,we're just There's a, it's really fun, for Instagram, we're doing an elevator or a faux elevator where we shoot people when the elevator doors open. They need to be taken sort of unawares. So I think that'll be really funny for the video. And, yeah, I mean lots of booze. Of course, you seem like the kind of person that would have a signature dance moves to really get everyone involve, do you have it and if is so what is it? [LAUGH] I'm a bit of a cheer dancer [UNKNOWN] like Okay. That's all, just know that I'm there, just know that. Or my earrings look good doing this, so we'll do that. [LAUGH] Yeah, I don't know what my Roman Forum dress is gonna look like on the dance floor. But I'm not gonna flop around. [LAUGH] Okay, very good, wow! [LAUGH] I can tell you're very, very excited for the night. [LAUGH] Yeah. Yeah, it's gonna be fun. I'm excited to be here. Sad to miss you, Jess, and no, thrilled to be here. Babies First in style, partly so. It's gonna be fabulous, it's gonna this, yeah. Hooray for Hollywood, man, they're all coming. Good stuff. Thank you so much. It's really good to talk to you. Thank you. Have fun Laura. Thanks for interviewing. Of course Bye, love. [LAUGH] Bye, Bye and of course I know she is talking to you. She didn't call me love [LAUGH]
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