I'm Obsessed: NuFace Mini Facial Toning Device


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Consider the NuFace Mini Facial Toning Device to be an intense workout for your face, fused with a luxurious massage. The innovative tool brings the same microcurrent technology used in its ever-popular spa counterpart, leaving behind a tighter, more lifted appearance. When InStyle Beauty Director Angelique Serrano took the tool on a test drive, she used the device on just once side of her face to see just how dramatic the results would be. Needless to say, she's a believer, and her complexion is definitely showing its benefits. Get all the details on why she loves it, and exactly how to use it in the above video.


Shop it: $200; sephora.com.

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Watch the video above to learn why Serrano loves it—and visit instyle.com/videos for more of our favorites.


[MUSIC] Hey guys, it's Angelique and todays obsession is a gadget that I was interested to a couple years ago. It's called the Nuface mini facial toning device and it's an FDA cleared device that uses micro current technology to help get things stimulated and moving in your skin. It has a couple different settings. So all you do is first apply the activator gel over your face and then you set it on. And you will feel as you run the device up and down your jaw and around your cheek. Some light sort of tingling action going on. Now what this is doing is again, wrapping up circulation, stimulating your skin though the deeper layers, so it's going to help give you a more fresh, even a more lifted appearance. From me, I've used it on one side of my face versus the other. And I can see a visible tighter, toner look on the side of my face that I use the device on. It's always worked for me and it's become a part of my skin care routine. [MUSIC]
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