Ilana Glazer and Phoebe Robinson Just Dropped the Collaboration of Your Feminist Dreams

Ilana Glazer and Phoebe Robinson Just Dropped the Collaboration of Your Feminist Dreams
Courtesy of Wildfang

These days, a tour is only as good as its merch. Broad City and 2 Dope Queens fans can take solace in the fact that, for Ilana Glazer and Phoebe Robinson's upcoming sold-out YQY (aka Yaaas Queen Yaaas) stand-up tour, which kicks off Nov. 4 in St. Paul, Minn., the corresponding goods are as cheeky and quintessentially Brooklyn hipster as any true fan-girl would hope.

The two comedians and writers have teamed up with feminist brand Wildfang on a limited-edition collection of clothing and accessories—including a T-shirt, a bomber jacket, a tote bag, a notebook, and a snapback hat—all emblazoned with the catchphrase that’s quickly become synonymous with both shows.

Here, more from Glazer and Robinson on the collaboration, available now at

How did the YQY tour come about?

Ilana Glazer: Phoebe and I met each other doing stand-up about eight or 10 years ago. We have partners in other projects who don’t do this type of touring, so when Phoebe and I realized we were both down for this kind of challenge, we knew we’d pair perfectly.

Why did you decide to team up with Wildfang?

Phoebe Robinson: Wildfang really follows both my work and Ilana’s, so we felt they’d really be able to capture our essence. We saw this as a chance for cool women doing cool shit to get together and create something having fun in the process.

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Fittingly, "yas queen" is emblazoned across every piece. Where did the term come from? Were you surprised how it took on a life of its own?

IG: As far as I know, the phrase "yas queen" originates from queer people of color in the 1980s, drag ball culture, and dat vogue-ing tip. It’s definitely trickled into the intersectional feminist movement today. It was able to pop off as a mainstream phrase through Broad City because Abbi and I are white, and celebrating queerness is seen as more acceptable through white people.

PR: The phrase "yaaas queen" has been around looooooong before I ever heard of it. It started in queer drag culture. People of color being on the forefront and then forgotten about when something catchy goes mainstream. The phrase just makes me excited and cheers me up. So fun. I just try to remember that if I’m going to engage in the fun parts of queer culture, I also have to participate in all aspects. Like giving back, raising awareness, being an ally, etc.

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Phoebe, you’re always refreshingly candid across your various platforms. Is there anything you won’t discuss publicly?

PR: I do have limits on certain things I don’t want to discuss, but it’s a small list—like my boyfriend. We agreed that I can talk about him, within reason, of course, but I can’t reveal his name because he wants to remain a private citizen, which I totally get. But there is so much out there to talk about that I never feel limited.

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What are you both looking forward to on tour?

IG: I am most looking forward to sharing this adventure with Phoebe. If I were headlining alone, I’d be nervous. But, because I’m going to be with my girl, one of my best f-ckin’ friends eva, I’m fearless. Sorry—phearless.

PR: Hanging with my girl!

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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