The Hunger Games and Twilight Theme Parks Will Become a Reality


Watch out, Universal Studios. Fans of The Hunger Games and Twilight franchises will now be able to literally step into the world of their favorite films, thanks to a new licensing agreement between Lionsgate Films and a South Korean developer.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that a new theme park—titled Lionsgate Movie World—is in the works on South Korea's Jeju Island and it will offer ticket-holders access to seven sections, each boasting its unique movie theme. Vacationers can look forward to an exciting virtual reality of fighting tributes alongside Katniss Everdeen, who's played by Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games, as well as a plethora of themed entertainment, restaurants, and stores. We're personally looking forward to seeing some Capitol-inspired fashion.

In addition, theme park-goers can swing over to the recreation of Forks, Washington next door, and follow along on Bella and Edward's romance in the Twilight sector. Next up? They can head over to the worlds of Now You See Me and the upcoming film Robin Hood, starring Jamie Dornan and Jamie Foxx for some added action and magic tricks. The other themed sections have yet to be revealed.

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We officially volunteer as tribute to take a spin in these magical worlds!


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