Huda Beauty's Hudamoji App Provides the Dose of Sass Your Keyboard Needs


Step aside, Kimoji, it’s Huda’s time to shine.

Huda Beauty founder, Huda Kattan, just launched the Hudamoji app—and we are SO here for it.

Kattan’s latest tech coup features adorable caricatures of the Dubai-based blogger undergoing various beauty regiments (contour included) and emotional states, as well as the somewhat random (but equally adorable) miscellaneous Hudamojis: Russian nesting dolls, gilded word art spelling “Boujee,” the uzsh…

With a mesmerizing feed of beauty transformations and on-point memes, Huda boasts an 18.6 million strong Instagram following. The Hudamoji app is just what we needed to quench our Hud-obbsession (for now)!

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Scroll down for a preview of the app.


Download the free app for iOS via the iTunes App Store now. 


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