How Your Bartender Can Tell You're on a Tinder Date

How Your Bartender Can Tell You're on a Tinder Date
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Below is an excerpt from “How Your Bartender Can Tell You're on a Tinder Date,” which originally appeared on FWx. Read the full story at

It’s time to face facts: We live in a swipe left–swipe right world now. There are approximately 1.2 billion Tinder users out there. Even if you subtract the ones that are posing as cupcakes that’s still a lot of meet-ups waiting to happen. And according to a group of friendly neighborhood bartenders those dates are obvious and they are hilarious to watch.

The Daily Share, a new division of Headline News, asked bartenders from around New York to explain how they detect Tinder dates—and they recalled the signs with more than a small amount of perverse pleasure. If you don’t want to become a bar joke, watch the video below to see what not to do during your pre-hookup drinks.

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