Fake a Believable Summer Glow, No Matter Your Time Limit

Fake a Believable Summer Glow, No Matter Your Time Limit
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Nothing is more telling of a great summer than a sun-kissed finish, but when you haven't had time to make a weekend trip to the beach (or even sit by the pool, for that matter), getting a realistic-looking tan before your Labor Day festivities can be a tall order. We put together a comprehensive guide to getting your glow on, no matter the time constraints you're under. Case in point: The St. Tropez Express Self-Tanner ($44; sephora.com), which only takes one hour to develop a light tan, with a full-on bronzed goddess tone in just 3 hours. For those who want an even quicker option, Too Faced's Royal Oil Body Bronzer ($32; toofaced.com) imparts a rich tan that requires no upkeep, and can be applied as easily as your favorite body lotion. Click through our gallery to see even more tips on how you can fake a believable tan in a week, a day, or even just five minutes!

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