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How to Create a Watercolor Mani

How to Create a Watercolor Mani
Photo Illustration by Mariya Ivankovitser

[tiImage width="594" height="713" url="http://cdn-img.instyle.com/sites/default/files/styles/594xflex/public/image
s/2015/03/032015-watercolor-lead.jpg" credit="Jennifer Graylock/Getty" align="center" border="0" alt=""]For an impressionistic masterpiece that looks adorable with head-to-toe denim, try this Lucite, white, and dove gray swirl from Opening Ceremony’s spring runway. Simply take the three shades and brush them on as free-form blobs over your nail (the bigger the blobs, the better). While they’re still wet, dip a piece of a makeup sponge (or a small eyeshadow brush) into acetone and then dab over the colors so they bleed together.

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“Keep dabbing until you see the pattern you love, then let them dry and seal with a topcoat,” says CND co-founder and style director Jan Arnold, who developed the runway look.

Alex Reside for InStyle.com
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