How to Choose the Right Shade of Eyebrow Pencil

How to Choose the Right Shade of Eyebrow Pencil
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If finding the perfect shade of eyebrow pencil was simply a matter of matching our hair color, our beauty lives would be at less twenty percent less stressful. But in reality, the best hue is the one that complements—not matches—the hair on your head. We tapped makeup artist Cyndle Komarovski to give us a few tips for getting it right...

In general, you should start your search by testing out a taupe pencil, the LBD of your brow wardrobe that works for “95 percent of people," says Komarovski. Why? It contrasts nicely with dark hair but isn’t overwhelming for those with lighter hair. Her top pick is Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Long-Wear Brow Pencil in Taupe ($42; “It has just enough warmth that it looks natural, not chalky,” she says.

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If you have dark hair and find taupe isn't blending in perfectly, keep in mind that "many brow pencils that look like they’d be right for you might actually skew too red,” according to Komarovski. So try and swipe multiple options on your hand to suss out the shades before purchase. If your hair is brunette or black, you'll also want to stick with pencils that have a cool—even gray-ish—undertone to them. "Only those people with red or strawberry-blonde hair will find warm-toned brown pencils to be flattering," Komarovski says. "That's because their complexions are typically rosy, too.”

No matter the hue you land on, remember that your brows will look more natural if they’re slightly multi-tonal. To that end, Komarovski likes to layer a slightly darker brow gel over her pencil for a multi-dimensional look. You'll get punch without looking like your brows have been painted on, she says.

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