Here's Taylor Swift's New Steamy, Surreal Music Video for "Style"

Here's Taylor Swift's New Steamy, Surreal Music Video for "Style"
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All week Taylor Swift has been teasing fans with shots from her new music video for "Style" on Instagram and it has finally arrived!

The piece, for the third single from her best-selling album 1989, has everything you'd want from a Swift video: a hot guy, red lipstick, a long drive, and a steamy kiss scene. Directed by Jamie King’s husband Kyle Newman, "Style" is Swift's most cinematic video to date. It features plenty of projections, which see Swift merge with nature and the guy in the video. Dreamy!

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The man cast as Swift's "Style" love interest is British actor Dominic Sherwood. He famously has one green and one brown eye, and—styled for the video with his "hair, slicked back" and a "white T-shirt" on—he does indeed have more than a little of "that James Dean daydream look in [his] eye".

In one fleeting scene in the video, Swift is seen sporting a paper airplane necklace that is referenced in the lyrics to "Out of the Woods." Watch the video in full by clicking on the image at top, and be prepared to have it on repeat all day.

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