Here's How to Make Your Own Deodorant Like Shailene Woodley

Here's How to Make Your Own Deodorant Like Shailene Woodley
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Not only does Shailene Woodley infuse her diet with unique substances like clay and bone broth, but the Insurgent star also makes her own eco beauty products. In InStyle’s June 2014 issue, the actress shared several of her DIY recipes (made with ingredients straight from your kitchen!), and we dug them up because they are too good not to try out at home.

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Check them out here:

For Deodorant
To keep you fresh, mix together 3 tbsp baking soda, 1–3 tbsp coconut oil, 1–2 tbsp arrowroot powder, and a few drops of essential oil blends. “I like lavender, sage, pepper, tea tree, and bergamot.”

For Face
“To remove face makeup and cleanse skin, I use sea buckthorn oil from Living Libations, morning and night. I swear by their product—it completely changed my skin. Before, I had combo skin, and now it’s smooth and not too oily or dry.”

For Hair
As a conditioning treatment, lather your tresses with coconut or olive oil. “I’ll put 1 tbsp on my thick hair for a few minutes before bed and rinse out. It will leave your hair oily if you use too much, so start with small quantities to find out how much works best for your hair type.

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For Lip Stain
“Beets are my go-to for lip color.” Roast one for 30 to 50 minutes at 350 degrees, depending on the size of the beet. When cool, rub it on your lips. “I eat them after!” Also try it with raw cherries and pomegranates.

For Eyeshadow
To add color on the eyes, try a greens powder such as spirulina. (Studies show the superfood alga is enriched with antioxidants; you can mix into water and drink.) “I source mine from Longevity Warehouse—when wet, it works as a liner.”

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