Have You Been to Blushington? A Review of the New N.Y.C. Makeup Studio

Have You Been to Blushington? A Review of the New N.Y.C. Makeup Studio
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I hate having my makeup done. You’d think—since I am a beauty editor and all—that I’d take enjoyment in it, but I think all my years neck-deep in mascara and foundation has only made me pickier about my look, and skeptical that anyone can do my makeup better than I can. So it wasn’t necessarily a no-brainer for me to check out Manhattan’s newest professional makeup bar, Blushington (unlike, say, visiting the new cat cafés gracing the city)—but I was curious.

Their fifth outpost, located in the Le Parker Meridien hotel, conveniently next to a Drybar and a Tenoverten so you never have to do anything for yourself ever again, looks like a cotton-candy boudoir: peach and gold accents abound and the walls are covered in shiny brocade wallpaper. There’s a chandelier. I was offered champagne. I repeat: there’s a chandelier (I live in a studio apartment in Brooklyn, so this is very exciting).

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I decided on the look called “simply glowing,” because it emphasized luminous, natural-looking skin (my favorite!), and my makeup artist got to work with her fingers and brushes while I closed my eyes and zoned out. Twenty minutes later, I opened my eyes to find … I wasn’t horrified! I wasn’t accidentally given a heavy smoky eye, and I wasn’t wearing the wrong shade of foundation. I looked really good, really pretty, and really fresh (best validation: I got a lot of likes on Insta!) The only bad part? I had absolutely nowhere to go. I went home and ate tacos and went to bed. I really need to start making more evening plans, just so I have an excuse to go back.

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