Harry Styles Soars Through the Air in "Sign of the Times" Music Video


The first music video for Harry Styles, solo artist, is finally here!

In the newly debuted vid for "Sign of the Times," the former One Direction singer reaches new heights (literally) out in a sprawling countryside. As he floats through the sky, he makes us desperate to visit whatever desolate fantasyland he’s supposedly traversing.

Styles’s single is pretty addictive on its own, but the flight aspect makes the video particularly difficult to look away from.

As you may also recall: This is the video that inspired international speculation (and nightmares) early last month when photos of the shoot surfaced. Missed this particularly grave chapter of viral history? Here’s a refresher: Harry Styles’s stunt double hangs in mid-air, wearing a HARRY STYLES MASK. WARNING: These photos are not for the faint of heart. Proceed with caution.


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On a less terrifying note, Style’s album drops in full May 12 (four days from now!). In the meantime, you know we’ll be listening to “Sign of the Times” on repeat and wishing we were floating over the English countryside with Harry.


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