This Harry Potter Star Looks EXACTLY Like Kylie Jenner

This <em>Harry Potter</em> Star Looks EXACTLY Like Kylie Jenner
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Does the name Afshan Azad mean anything to you? As her Instagram bio so bluntly states, she’s “that Indian girl who was in Harry Potter”—aka, Padma Patil of the Patil twins!

Well, Azad’s wizarding days are long gone. The actress is 29 now and hasn’t appeared onscreen since the last Harry Potter installment debuted in 2011.

Her current claim to fame, however, is just culturally relevant now as the HP series was in its heyday: she’s Kylie Jenner’s doppelgänger.

I mean, girl clearly knows her way around a contour kit.

The resemblance is uncanny—but we have a feeling Azad may have heard that once or twice before…

Apparently, Kylie isn’t Azad’s only celeb look-alike. In a recent tweet, the former actress noted that she’s often compared to Christina Ricci, Shay Mitchell, and The Vampire Diaries’s Nathalie Kelley—and honestly, they’re all pretty apt.

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If Afshan doesn’t plan to return to the silver screen, can we suggest she release her own lip kit? Pout on fleek.

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