TFW Harper Beckham Discovered Mom Was a Pop Star

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We may have known Victoria Beckham first as Posh Spice, but to her 5-year-old daughter Harper, the former pop sensation has always just been "Mummy." This weekend, Beckham shared several images on her Instagram story showing us how Harper found out about the Spice Girls, and it's seriously sweet.

The Spice Girls, arguably one of the biggest girl groups of all time, broke up around 2000 (though they've thankfully reunited a few times since). Beckham's youngest daughter wasn't born until 2011, so she never got to see her mom in action as Posh.

However, the 43-year-old fashion designer's pop star past couldn't stay a secret forever, and little Harper found out about her mom's former career when she discovered a collection of Spice Girls dolls. Beckham captured the moment on her Instagram story, showing her daughter looking at the five dolls that depicted her and the other Spice Girls. She captured the cute image with "When u find out mummy was a pop star!!" How adorable is that?

victoriabeckham / Snapchat
victoriabeckham / Snapchat

Harper seemed thrilled by the discovery, wasting no time before playing with her mom's look-alike doll.

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Maybe the youngest Beckham will follow in her mom's footsteps one day—you never know!


[MUSIC] What's a Spice Girl? The Spice Girls was a pop group, and we used to say girl power all the time and we thought that girls were better than boys. [MUSIC] Did London Bridge really fall down? London Bridge did not fall down Exactly, little bit severe fall down and that was a long long time ago. Before even I was born. [SOUND] Dancing queen. I have been to the queen's house. And it's a huge great big palace, and she sits on a throne. And she is beautiful. So yes, I have met the queen. [MUSIC]
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