The Hair Tie Holder That Doubles as Jewelry

The Hair Tie Holder That Doubles as Jewelry
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If you, like me, are often spotted with a black elastic around your wrist, you’re probably used to the eyesore it creates (especially in pictures). Even though I normally wear my hair down, I panic a little when I forget to carry a hair tie. What if I want to work out at the end of the day? Still, I hate how the elastic peaks through the rest of my intentional arm candy and leaves marks up and down my arm. I know I'm not alone here—which is why BitterSweet bracelets are such game-changers. They integrate the simple elastic into a thin channel on the cuff, allowing the hair tie to sit nestled over the bangle, so it looks like it’s part of the design. While they're a little pricey at $45, I’ve found myself using mine every day, so I’ve been able to justify the cost per wear. I sprung for the rose gold finish, and it's also available in silver, gold and steel black. Prices range from $45 to $85 (


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