Gucci’s Artful Holiday Gifts Are Exactly What Fashion Girls Will Want This Year

Gucci’s Artful Holiday Gifts Are Exactly What Fashion Girls Will Want This Year
Courtesy of Gucci

Not sure what to add to your wish list for the holidays? Girl, we’ve got you.

Gucci has unveiled its gloriously ornate holiday “Gift Giving” campaign and the catalogue essentially includes what your Alessandro Michele-fueled dreams are made of. Need examples? They’ve got those furry black leather slippers with a bow ($1,980;, enormously flashy pink sunglasses ($1,380;, and pink tees cutely covered in a graphic of a cat inside a teacup wearing sunglasses ($830; That wasn’t a joke.

In addition to selling pieces that give a shout-out to the Cruise 2018 collection, Gucci is helping with your social media game as well. You can head to their app to create customized photos and greeting cards you’ll want to share on your ‘gram. The brand’s art walls in New York and Milan will feature illustrations found across the campaign. LED-lit window installations are in the works, too.

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So where does all this Renaissance-inspired goodness stem from?

The campaign centers around the digitally-stitched-together art of Ignasi Monreal, a Spanish artist whose work was found in the Cruise collection and the man behind those cute cat shirts. Basically, the pieces reflect the dramatic story of the fall of Icarus, hence the Renaissance style.

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“Icarus fascinates me because of his story, which could be read a bit like a mantra, I guess,” Monreal said in a statement. “If you fly too close to the sun, you're going to get burned. If you fly too low, you're going to drown in the sea. It feels quite bluntly obvious, but I find it quite timeless, and reassuring. You have to find the middle point to land on the other side. It’s not a cosmic science, just a tricky human condition. Icarus himself is a very romantic character and of course symbolic of everything young and pretty. Very East London!”

Scroll down to see more of Monreal’s artwork, and visit to find your gift now.

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