Tour Gram Girl and Wildfox Founder Kimberley Gordon's Home and Closet


This week’s Gram Girl, Kimberley Gordon, is known for mixing bohemian and vintage finds for a romantic, feminine groove.

In addition to founding the funny-meets-flirty fashion brand Wildfox, the style star has garnered a healthy following on Instagram for her breezy chronicles of an L.A. life awash in pastels, wildflowers, and a crew of impossibly pretty friends lounging about in indie lingerie.

Sound like a place worth visiting? Jen George—host of our Vera Bradley-sponsored behind-the-scenes series on social media darlings—goes deep into Gordonland for an intimate chat about her career, her most prized finds, and how to wear retro without going full-on grandma. By the end of the shopping excursion, George had on a vintage Dior slip skirt and Gordon was seen snapping selfies in a safari hat, a trend she says is “kind of in!”

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Tune into the above clip for a few lessons on Insta-worthy throwback style.


Hi, I'm Jen George. And today we're heading to the home of Kimberly Gordon, the founder of the brand Wildfox. She's also an incredible artist, photographer, and designer. And today she's gonna show us some of her favorite looks. Let's go say hello, shall we? [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO] Hello! Hi. How are you? Welcome. Thank you. I'm so excited to see you. This place is so cute. Thank you it's my little silver lake treehouse. It's amazing I know you're up high I love it. Okay let's have some wine. Yes. And go on my porch, yeah? Perfect. [MUSIC] So how did you become enamored with fashion? When did you first know you wanted to work in the industry? What I really liked is the glamour around it. The combination of the model, the clothing, and the presentation. So how did you first start Wildfox? I had Then living out of my friend's car. Waitressing. But I was not so happy because I kept thinking, I could do the things that I'm designing. I could make my own line that does well, I thought. Because I was 23. You know you're 23, you're like, I could do this better than everyone. Right. What was the very first shirt you made? Do you remember? It was this. [BLANK_AUDIO] Dream I had of a hawk. My god, this is so [INAUDIBLE]. [LAUGH] It was a hawk and it had rainbow feathers coming off of it. And I thought that would be so cute on a tank top. And I had a dream of the tank top too. It was all in a dream. Why is it you think that it's so fun to be a girl? We can really wear whatever we want now. especially with this whole movement of transgender being so accepted and people wanting, you know women wanting to dress in full pants like our Angelina The androgynous look, yes. Yes. Okay, well, I feel like you should show me your closet. I have a whole house. [LAUGH] A whole house, [INAUDIBLE]. I don't just have a closet. I have a full house. All right, show me what you've got. [BLANK_AUDIO] Welcome. This is so cute! My god, it's amazing. Yes. They're good when the girls come over at night. Yeah. And we all dance around in here. Okay, so show me some of your favorite pieces. The sad part about being in California is I really love coats. It's too hot all the time. This is my favorite thing ever. That's amazing. Yeah, it's vintage. [MUSIC] I don't know. I go back and forth on what my favorite era is. I don't know if it was th '60s or the '90s.>> I like the '30s the best.>> The '30s.>> Because it was so feminine. It was like the most feminine decade of fashion.>> [MUSIC] This is so fun.>> I know. What do you think your favorite stores are? Taven is this little chic store. You're gonna love it. It's tiny It's in the best neighborhood and it's full of treasures. Great. You're going to buy stuff. Are you ready? Spend some money. I guess so. [LAUGH] Let's do it. I see your future. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] So why do you love this store? I think because it's very eclectic and unique. She has lots of vintage. Which also has current pieces so we can work them together. Fun. Okay, so I feel like you should style me. So pick out an outfit wherever you would put me in and I'll try it on. Well, I would put you in like dry knickers but we'll leave that for later. Okay, fair. Dior. An old Dior slit. Vintage Dior. That is so cool. Look, it's written on the lace. I love that. Details like that, they just are so special. It looks like it fits nice too. I love this [INAUDIBLE] dress. I personally love all beige look. Yeah. So, I would pair it with that and then maybe do like a beige boot too. I'm pretty sure I have to try this on. Okay. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] My god that looks so cute. I even like it with the brown shoes. I love this look. It's the brown shoes are like really vintage. You could where this to a little event. I'm so into it and I mean I probably should wear different underwear, but [LAUGH]. [LAUGH]. It's polka dots. [LAUGH]. Let's see the back. My gosh How cute is the seaming on all of this. It's so nice. I love love love love it. Yeah, cute! This one's fun. This is better. I would put it with a baseball cap if you have one. There you go. I like that. Something more new. [INAUDIBLE] thing to do with vintage clothing is not to go too literal. You don't wanna look like You stepped right out of that era. I love that. Let's do a photo. Let's see if I get it right this time. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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