Peek Inside Gram Girl Odette Annable's Home and Closet

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They’ve garnered millions of followers by sharing their most aspirational selfies and fashion finds. But where do social media stars derive their inspiration? That’s the question that led us to the door of actress Odette Annable in this week's Gram Girls video.

In the above clip, Jen George—host of our Vera Bradley-sponsored behind-the-scenes series on social media celebs—takes us inside Annable’s home and closet for a first-hand look at her interior décor tastes and fashion faves. During the visit, the actress dishes on details about her career path and next big project, the upcoming CBS show Pure Genius. Annable also brought us to one of her favorite L.A. shopping haunts to demo her mastery of high-and-low mashups.

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Discover what makes Annable so Insta-worthy—and pick up some fresh ideas along the way.


Today we're heading to the home of actress Odette Annable, who also happens to be my best friend. She's one of the most stylish girls I know and people are dying to get inside of her closet, which is exactly what we're going to do today. Let's go say hello. Shall we? [MUSIC] Hi. Hey. How you Yay. Hi. A little white wine in the afternoon. Yes, my favorite thing, and the reason we're friends. [LAUGH] That's just my style. I know. Cheers. Cheers. Thanks for coming over. Okay, so tell me how did you first get into acting? So my parents got me into acting. It was not I. [LAUGH] I was four years old, and apparently, I was a very introverted child. And my parents thought, well, let's get Odette into commercials, and that'll maybe help. For come out of her shell. So, they got me an agent, I'm four years old, and I booked the first job that I went on. It was an audition for Kindergarten Cop. I worked with Arnold. I feel like. We destroyed his life by the way. Really? Yeah, we would knock, knock ditch on his trailer, and he was going crazy. [LAUGH] And now. Mean you're one of the leads of an [UNKNOWN] show on TBS. It's pretty cool. I'll never get tired of just thinking about the dream that I had and now I get to really live it. And I'm so grateful because I have such great friends. And I have a great family. I'm married now. I have a baby, which is so Crazy. < It's an old style. I've always been, comfort is the most important thing. I'm not a heels girl, I'm a jeans and a T-shirt. I love a good leather. I love some accessories, but everything that I wear, all my jewelry, it's an every day thing. On that note. I feel like we should see your closet. Let's go see my closet. Let's do it, I need more wine. Okay wait so show me some of your like favorite, favorite pieces. So this dress represents to me the first time that I felt like I had actually made it in Hollywood. That's cool. I got this invite for this Dior dinner. It was a seated dinner with actresses, actors, and I was invited. I got to go the store, and I got to choose my dress, I got to choose a bag. And then they let me keep it. Was there ever a dress that you were like, I can't give this back, I don't wanna give this back. Most of them. S 1 Ok next S 2 Next is this very cool Chanel piece. S 1 My God! S 2 It is a good color I got this when, good quality pieces they never go out of style. This so timeless just like this. S 1 It is so cool! S 2 The silhouette is so classic. It's super cool, I love the gold hardware. Okay so what would you say your favorite stores are? I love high and low so I love Top Shop and Zara, I love Isabel Moran and Reformation is one of my favorites. You introduced me to the store, I know it's one of your favorites. It's now one of my favorites. Well will you take me shopping then? Any time you want. Now? How about right now? Yeah, let's go now. Let's go. Great. I feel like you should style me. You know my aesthetic. Okay, so like you style me, I style you. Yes, okay perfect. Great, you find an outfit, I'll find an outfit. [MUSIC] I feel very confident right now. Okay. I mean I'm already happy. I know. I love it. This color is so good on you. It's my favorite color. I know. I love a red but like an orangey red. It's a summery, corally, beautiful red. And the shape just works so well. Right. I love it, I love it. I love it. I do too. You look so sweet. You know me. I love it. This works, you know what I love about this? Is that it's a great day Piece. Yes, I've never seen you in a leather, so good. What is that? Yeah, what is this actually? It's like a patent leather. Are we talking about me now? This is winning, it's really great. It's- I have to do the straps a little bit. It's unique, it's a great- It's fun. But it's also timeless. I think that this will carry you through the year. Okay, one more pic. [MUSIC] [SOUND] I think we got it.
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