Tour Gram Girl and Fashion Blogger Cara Santana's Home and Closet

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This week’s Gram Girl, Cara Santana, truly does it all. In addition to being an actress, she's got her own fashion blog, aptly titled, and beauty app (The Glam App). In this week's episode, we're going inside Santana's home and fashion-filled closet to find out how she manages her busy schedule—and social media presence—while maintaining an outwardly chic appearance at all times.

In the clip above, Jen George—host of our Vera Bradley-sponsored behind-the-scenes series on social media darlings—wastes no time asking Santana about her life and success as an entrepreneur. When asked how she does it all, Santana explains how she stays motivated, why she loves fashion, and the reason she's always been "excited about what it is to be a woman in this day and age."

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Based on Santana's at-home oasis, chic wardrobe, and perfectly curated Instagram, it's clear how this hardworking Insta-gal has found herself among today's hottest influencers. Come along as we take a peek inside a day in the life of Santana.


Hi, I'm Jen George. And today we're heading to the home of the super stylish Cara Santana. She's an actress, creator of the blog Cara Disclosed and founder of the Glam app. Let's go say hello. [MUSIC] HI>> HI>> How are you?>> I'm good. Thanks for coming.>> Thanks for having me. Come on in. [MUSIC] This is beautiful. Thank you. Who's the musician? Jessie. Okay, yes. [LAUGH] Definitely not me. I have no musical inclination whatsoever. You don't. No. You just do everything else. Yeah. [LAUGH] Exactly. I love it that you do a little bit of everything. I mean actress but also a producer, you have an app. You kind of do it all. Yeah, well, hopefully I do it all well. [LAUGH] I've never wanna be a Jack of all trades in the days of none so I definitely. I've always been really ambitious and Excited about sort of what it is to be a woman in this day and age, and the fact that you weren't necessarily limited to doing one thing and one thing only. I know that fashion is something you're awesome into because, well, I'm gonna say both your Instagram and your blog are really well-curated. Thank you. Yeah, they are. And so tell me what made you decide you wanted to start a blog, you know What do you love about fashion? I love fashion and I love having conversations with women about fashion and what they like and trends and style and how we feel the most comfortable. And I sort of getting, you know notice for what I was wearing both in the positive way and the negative way. And I thought I'd love to have an open forum about Style, and what personal style is to me. So, I started [INAUDIBLE]. I work really hard on my [INAUDIBLE] as you can tell. [LAUGH] I feel like on that note we should see your closet. Let's do it. Okay. Perfect. Cool. [MUSIC] This is. The glam room. This is amazing. Thank you. My god. [LAUGH] And then, this is my closet. My God. Fun, right? It's great. Thank you. I'm jealous of your shoe collection already I can tell. I'm a shoe person, for sure. You have some great one. Yeah, thank you. Show me your like five favorite pairs of So cheers. Okay. These new Valenciagas, pop of color, super fun, wear it with jeans, wear it with shorts. The Yeezys but, these are the knock off Yeezys by Aso so, they're super affordable.>>Oh my god! Stop it! I love these. I love these! Chanel, you can't go wrong. You can't go wrong. Was Chanel. I know. These are amazing. These cowhide wings and the Rhianna Pumas. I mean, I love these. They are so comfortable. They're so fun. Listen you cannot wrong. [LAUGH] Those are so fun. [MUSIC] So what are some of your favorites? Stores. I love a really cool eclectic mixes, so I love a good Barney's, Just One Eye, Maxfield, if you just got a big check. But I really love this really cool kinda up and coming store called Reservoir, which I'd love to take you to. Let's do it, okay. Let's go. Awesome. [MUSIC] Okay, tell me why you love this store. I just a fun, funky store. It's an eclectic mix. They've got designers like [UNKNOWN] and Derek Lam and also up and comers like Charlotte Stone and it's just super fun and funky. I love it. Let's do it. [MUSIC] Okay, I feel like you should style me. Okay. So you pick out and outfit, anything, something you would wear. Okay. You think I'd look good in. Okay let's do it. Actually I feel like you should try this on because it's do good. Done, and done. So you're styling me? Okay we're styling each other. Okay, yeah. So I love the ruffles it was all over the runways for fall. I think mixing and matching is really cool. And you can put on a heel and take it from day to night. I'm in to it. Do you like it? I love it. Okay, cool. [MUSIC] Oo-ah. My gosh. I love this. And I love yours. You have to get this. [LAUGH] There's no No world in which you don't get that. Can you do like a little twirl? Can I? [LAUGH] So ready. Another good one. [LAUGH] I love yours. That's definitely more like a nighttime It's a little big but I really like it. What do you think about mine? This is amazing. It's fun right? I love it. One two three.
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