HOW YOU KNOW HER: You've seem her in major films like The HelpFruitvale Station, Allegiant and more.

IN THIS FILM SHE PLAYS: The no-nonsense Dorothy Vaughan, another NASA mathematician who is denied promotion to supervisor even though she’s already doing the job.

BEST MOMENTS: Sensing how computers will make her job obsolete, Dorothy teaches herself and her co-workers how to program. When a librarian won’t lend her the book she needs because it’s not from the “colored section” she steals it, justifying the behavior to her surprised child, declaring, “I pay taxes, too!”

WHAT’S NEXT?: The film Gifted this April alongside Chris Evans. 

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Olivia Bahou
Jan 08, 2017 @ 9:45 pm

At the 2017 Golden Globes, Jimmy Fallon’s teleprompter-less opening monologue wasn’t the only thing that had us cringing. Two of the year’s nominated movies, Hidden Figures and Fences, were mistaken not once but twice, creating “Hidden Fences,” a movie that most certainly does not exist. 

Hidden Figures, above, is about three brilliant African American mathematicians who put the first man in space. Fences, below, is about racial tensions in the professional sports world in the 1950s and the effects it had on one working-class family.

David Lee/ © Paramount / courtesy Everett Collection

First, Jenna Bush Hager made the gaffe on the red carpet while interviewing Pharrell, who is nominated for Best Original Score for Hidden Figures. The musician was clearly not pleased.

But then, Michael Keaton made the same blunder while presenting Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture. Both Octavia Spencer (Hidden Figures) and Viola Davis (Fences), were nominated for the category, and Keaton announced Spencer as the nominee for “Hidden Fences.” Cue the face palm.

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After not one but two mortifying mistakes, what is the Internet to do but write hilarious jokes about it?















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At the very least, it’s a reminder that these are two very different movies.

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