Golden Globes 2013: See The Best Manicures Here!

Golden Globes 2013: See The Best Manicures Here!
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In addition to the couture gowns gracing the red carpet at last night's Golden Globe Awards, celebrities also got creative with their nails! Jessica Alba offset her otherwise peach-inspired look with a pastel pink manicure, Zooey Deschanel followed up last year's tuxedo nail art with a movie reel pattern, and Adele went for a full-on metallic effect. Her manicurist Kimmie Kyees, who is also responsible for Katy Perry’s many fun nail designs, layered Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure in Copper Penny over a base coat of So Much Fawn ($8 each; Take a closer look at their nails, and see even more Globes manicures in our gallery!

• Zooey Deschanel’s Golden Globes Lipstick
• Jennifer Lawrence’s Golden Globes Hair
• Golden Globes: Morena Baccarin’s Makeup!

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