Going to a Late Summer Wedding? Here are 10 Dresses To Wear

Going to a Late Summer Wedding? Here are 10 Dresses To Wear
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Below is an excerpt from “Going to a (Late) Summer Wedding? Here are 10 Affordable Dresses To Wear,” which originally appeared on StyleCaster. Read the full story at stylecaster.com.

Summer is synonymous with many things, but weddings—particularly Labor Day weekend weddings—are certainly high up there.  And while waiting until the last minute to purchase a dress for the occasion goes against all the shopping wisdom bestowed upon us by our elders, sometimes life gets in the way and we’re the guest who is down to the wire with nothing to wear. Still, there’s no need to freak out, because like with most situations, there’s a silver lining and—in this case—it’s known as major markdowns. Yup, now’s the time to get great deals on designer dresses, and online shopping means you can do it all during your lunch break. Click to see our picks for dresses you can wear with prices you'll love.

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